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Here one finds all the necesary information to make an informed decision about becoming a Pony or Livestock at the sNr Stables.

General Information about the Stable

First and foremost one should understand the sim Rules, sNr Ethos and the meaning of the Grouproles in sNr. For this we suggest to read carefully through the general sNr Guide. The sNr Ethos defines the way animals are treated and expected to behave within the stables, while carefully looking through the different roles in the sNr Stable Structure will help you decide what kind of animal is right for you.

sNr Guides

How to become an sNr animal

The next step is to prepare for your time as a rightless beast of burden in the stables. As there are quite a few factors to be considered, it is best to refer to the Animal Pre-Processing Guide to cover them all. Do not neglect the most important part though: Before you become an animal at the stables you should spend some time there to familiarise yourself with the stables and make some friends, as once you are a tightly restricted and bridled pony your chance to make new friends will be limited.

Animal Pre-Processing Guidance

Updating Mare Control

If a new version of Mare Control is available, you'll get a message from your Mare Control about that if your Mare Control is unlocked. In case it is locked you don't get a message as you can't do anything at all to it. In this case the message will be only displayed for staff.

In any case look for the next member of staff around you to get the update done.

In case you have staff rights, please visit the respective section in the Staff Handbook about how to update Mare Control.

Viewer Configuration Guide for animals

Recommended Configuration

For livestock there should be some settings adjusted. Found under Preferences > Movement

  • Move with cursor keys: unchecked
  • push-push-hold to run: unchecked
  • hold jump or crouch key to start or stop flying: unchecked
  • show myself in Mouselook: checked

in menu > RLV uncheck the "Show '...'" option for best results when you are in Mare Hearing.

Kokua and Carts

In Kokua there is a special setting in Preferences > Kokua > General tab. It's called "Do not jump with page up keys." and needs to be unticked. Else you won't be able to change your speed in any of the Marine's carts.

Specialized sNr Equipment

Both sNr Ponies and sNr Livestock have several equipment options available. For a comprehensive list and detailed information please refer to Specialised sNr equipment.

The Holy Threesome of sNr

No matter if it's pony or mare, all them need to have three things when they get stabled at sNr. These holy threesome are:

  • a tattoo showing the class
  • a tag according the class
  • a stall

It is possible to have only a tattoo or only the tag, but it's not possible to have a stall without these.