Stable Layout and Map

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Sim Map and Stable Layout

SNr Sim Plan.jpg Stable plan2.jpg

Notable Locations


The stable is the main building at the sim and the centerpiece of activity. People of sNr and visitors gather here, all animals are stablered here as well. If you are new to the sim and interested in ponyplay this is your best destination to look at the pretty ponies or have a chat with the staff.

Sweet Kiss BDSM Club

A cozy club to relax in a refined atmosphere befitting to dominant Sir's and Ladies, which provides enough space to either enjoy the closeness of your submissives or lock them away until you are done relaxing. Everyone is welcome and the club staff will be delighted to have a chat with you if they are around.

Cow Clinic

D-Zone cows have a department at sNr. Fell free to come by and have a look at peak performance milk generation. Rumors has it that there are absolutely no vicious traps to catch wandering submissives and there is a lot of fresh milk available for taste testing.

Veterinary Clinic

There is a fully equipped vet clinic run by Suzy. Bring your animals over and have them properly checked out. After all every domestic animal deserves to be thoroughly inspected and have its health issues adressed.

Living Clothes Store

Heidi Abonwood runs a shop for living clothes, mannequins and more. A great place to find just the right outfir for your needs... or turn into said outfit yourself to please your beloved owner.


sNr has a small mall with some latex and transformations items. Also we have a Marine's Goodies vendor at the stable.


Three parcels each with a house are open for rental. Please be aware that some of the renters prefer their privacy while within their parcels and dont disturb them unless invited over.

sNr Training Platforms

Be aware that there are multiple teleport points within the sim (see above stable layout) where you can teleport to the training platform. Additionally, one of the tunnels within the sim leads directly up there and can be used with some of the carts provided in the sim in case you wish to ride up there in style. Take the time to visit to see what is there and look to incorporate it into your training regimes.