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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I ask about...

If your question can't be answered here feel free to ask in the Stones N Rubber Stables group or one of our staffmembers.

I have a problem with...

If you have a problem with something or someone at sNr, please have a look at the Sim Rules for information on how to let the staff know. It will be investigated.

What is the current version of Mare Control/Mare Hearing/other scripts

The most recent version can be seen on this page for Mare Control or this page for Mare Hearing. Since Version 5 the scripts have built in internal update mechanism which gives an information about update availibility to the wearer (if unlocked) or anyone who accesses the device. Other scripts are updated on a non-regular base, best is direct contact to Sinha about these versions if needed.

I became a mare at sNr but no one takes me out of the stall

Do you know many people here at sNr? Ponies that know people at sNr prior to being stalled, tend to get more attention and visitors so it is worthwhile putting in about a month getting to know people before you sign up. Staff do their best to try and balance their time fairly but it is a fact of life that their own animals would take priority.

While getting to know people, I recommend that you don't hang about as a mare in tack but in casual clothes as then the staff and/or your owner can better enjoy transforming you. However, as explained here, you do need to have your tack tested and ready, as it will be difficult to adjust when you are locked down!