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The sNr Staff Handbook is intended as a detailed guide for all sNr staff and contains everything from applying for a role, processing a new animal and how to use the various equipment. In addition, it covers how to conduct a number of pony events from a trainer perspective. It contains pictures and screenshots to help clarify the steps and is designed to be a one-stop shop. This guide will also evolve and develop over time to stay current.

This guide is not really designed to be read from cover to cover as there is a lot of detail covered and staff knowledge gaps will be different. It has a contents page so you can pick out a particular subject you want more information about.

Sim rules and stable structure

Here we have just a quick link to the general guide if you are unsure about details within the sim rules and the meanings of the different roles within sNr. It also includes some helpful info for advising potential ponies if they are more suited to join the stable as sNr Pony or as sNr Livestock.

sNr Guides

Getting started and staff equipment guide

Here you find basic information about how to get specific roles within the stables, as well as hot to operate the sNr Staff Terminal. The staff terminal is useful for managing the access level of staff members and to get staff equipment, such as the all important staff hud. Furthermore, a brief overview over the different staff equipment and how to access the bridles of stabled ponies is provided.

Getting Started and Staff Equipment Guide

Animals pre-processing guidance

In this section you will find all the useful information about what measures should be taken 'before a pony is processed to become a sNr Pony or sNr Livestock. Be aware this part is written as questions towards the pony as it is also part of the Pony Guide.

Animal Pre-Processing Guidance

Processing animals

Here you will find all the information you need in order to properly process animals as members of the sNr stables. Please make sure to check up on the details if you are unsure as botching this process will greatly affect the enjoyment of the processed animal over the duration of its stay.

Processing Animals

Stabled animals

sNr Ponies and sNr Livestock are both stabled within the main stalls and should be put back into their assigned stall after training. In order to find said stall please refer to the nameplates on the stall. Both ponies and livestock stabled at the main stalls are expected to be available for training by sNr Staff, this means at least their reins should be available and they should either be lightly enough restricted to be able to train or their equipment should be set up so staff can temporarily remove the restrictions. If one is unwilling to have their personal animal unavailable for other staff members for a given time the pony should be transferred into the guest stalls for the duration.

Guest ponies are to be stabled in the guest stables in general.

Training Guides

There is a small selection of guides for training the stabled animals in different disciplines. Feel free to have a look and refresh your knowledge at any time.

Training Guides

Specialised sNr equipment

A list of all the specialized equipment available for both staff and stabled animals within sNr. Each piece of equipment if further linking to a detailed guide about how to operate it.

For sNr Staff For sNr animals
Staff Terminal Mare Control
sNr Staff HUD Mare Hearing
sNr Ribbons Mare Vision
Stall Doors sNr Pony Gestures
sNr Plugins

Further information

Are you looking for further information that is not covered within the staff guide? Please dont hesitate to:

  • Speak to a senior member of staff.
  • Post a message to the group chat.

In addition, feedback or comments on this guide are welcomed.


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