D-Zone Milking Project

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D-Zone Cows at sNr


D-Zone is a old and well-known sim holding cows for a long time. They have very long-term and dedicated cows. Please be aware that cows are historically part of D-Zone and not sNr and so have special rules which are different from other livestock as ponies or mares.

About Cows

Cows are made for giving milk and breeding. That's their life and what they are good for. They are getting milked 24/7 or all times they are online. Don't expect anything fancy. If you are going to be a cow you will get sealed in the suit and put in a stall for milking.

Become a Milker

If you like to be a D-Zone cow, please consider contacting a Mistress about becoming a cow. Read the full rules for becoming a cow

Become a Shebull

Shebulls are similar to Milkers in optics but they have a cock for breeding cows. Shebulls should be some dominant and best having experience as Mistress. Read the full rules for becoming a cow

Become a Mistress

Mistresses are for checking the cows to be safe, secure and healthy. They can tease the cows or adjust the pleasure settings in the stalls for enhanced milking production. If you like to become a D-Zone Mistress please contact Monique (Towanda Rayna) for details.