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sNr Ethos

Ponygirls or mares exist to serve. While other stables practice a more playful version of ponyplay, sNr is focused on the D/s aspect instead. A trained sNr pony will always have its priorities clear. Obedience must be their only guiding principle. Pleasure may be present or it may not. They must learn to stop seeking it and realise that they are not here to have fun, but to be useful ponies. When they stand in their stalls waiting, they are not hoping to be served, but making themselves available and hoping to be useful.

A secondary goal is to always keep the pony in her small pony world, limited to pony activities. Ponies are kept in stables, they don't do any non-pony activities (like dancing) and the boundary between the worlds of ponies and their betters is always very clearly defined with no gray lines. Ponies don't enter residences or, generally, places not directly related to ponyplay, such as clubs, stores, beaches.

Sim Rules

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the stable and visit the ponies. The only thing we ask of visitors is to respect the theme of the sim and its regular residents.

  • Feel free to ask staff to take a pony out and enjoy training it within the sim, just be aware that the animals are restricted to stay in the sim and cannot roam freely without staff supervision.
  • Respect people’s choice to roleplay in a BDSM and bondage environment by limiting the use of OOC chat and SL functionalities to circumvent bondage gear to a minimum.
  • Feel free to tease the animals a bit, but be aware it’s not a sex sim and no one is liable for animals kicking visitors in the groin.
  • No one is forced to play with you, respect SSC (sane, safe, consensual) please
  • No griefing or harassment.
  • The LL community standards and Terms Of Service apply.
  • If you would like to file a complaint about anything please document it via notecard and put it into the complaint box at the main stables - right next to coffee and popcorn - for investigation.
  • If you would like to praise something you quite liked here feel free to drop it via notecard into the praise box at the main stables - right next to coffee and popcorn - so we can do more like that.

How to interact with sNr as a guest

When coming to sNr as a guest you might notice some oddities, such as that the beautiful ponygirls can usually be admired in their stables but are both leashed and locked inside such stables, preventing you to interact with them. Another thing to note is that they might seem to ignore what you are saying.

According to the sNr Ethos ponies are strictly controlled animals, which are kept locked in their stables until grooms, dominants or trainers of the sim take them out to put them to work and training. This includes many of them using a system called Mare Hearing (MH), which prevents them from understanding human speech in chat, and their ability to speak directly is also removed through the bit. If you like to interact with one of the ponies you need to likely do it similar as you would with any domestic animal. The overwhelming majority of them loves pats and appleslices.

If you are a guest and would like to take out a pony for a ride around the sim or see how it performs in training the best way is to look around for one of the human stable roles (see also stable structure below), recognizable by group tags such as "sNr Groom/Dominant/Trainer". If in a pinch the sNr Kitties can usually also open stables and help people interacting with the ponies.

For general questions about the sim it's best to flag down members with the "sNr Staff" tag, as these are currently working to help with administrative buisness or to help visitors. If no one is available, asking a human stable member gives good results as well.

There are also other animals arund sNr - such as puppies, kitties and cows - which are usually restricted based on the wishes of their owners without stable rules specifying the kind of restrictions. These should be easier approachable than ponies and most enjoy treats. Finally, you might see living statues and other objectified people in the sim. These usually have very limited means to interact due to their current role.

sNr Stable Structure

There are several roles available at sNr, depending on the wishes and needs of the respective stable members. By showing the appropiate group tag for their current role, members of the stable can signal that they are available in the capacity of that role. May it be as sNr Staff to help visitors or do administrative work, sNr Pony to serve and be trained, or even sNr Trainer to make use of the sim submissives. Wearing the respective grouptag allows people to see what kind of interaction you are interested in and also how you currently stand in the stable hierarchy. Of course you are also free to wear such tags outside of the sim, you are welcome to spread the word about sNr gridwide as well.

The following tags are sorted depending on the different groups one can join at sNr. The sNr Staff group includes official sim staff and administrative roles, while the other two groups offer mostly tags for roleplaying purposes. Keep in mind that most of the information in the role descriptions is generalized and for RP purposes, just because you should obey humans as a puppy doesnt mean you need to keep playing with someone whose behavior is unacceptable out of character.

StonesNRubber Staff

  • sNr Staff
    This is the basic group tag available for all staff members. It is a mostly administrative tag that is not included in roleplay of the sim. If you see people with this tag they are either doing administrative work, hosting events or just making sure everything runs well on the sim. People with this tag are generally open to questions from guests and willing to help them with issues.
  • sNr Groom
    Grooms are stable boys or stable maids, which take care of the different animals within the sim and help the sNr Dominants and sNr Trainers by obediently following their instructions. sNr Groom is a good role for submissives or switches who enjoy being in the middle of the stable hierarchy, but it comes with a lot of power over the sNr ponies and sNr livestock. In order to become a groom a minimal set of badges has to be acquired to show basic understanding of the Mare Control and Mare Hearing setup for animals and the ability to train ponygirls in at least one or two disciplines.
  • sNr Trainer
    Trainers are experienced dominants who have shown to be capable both in general ponyplay, as well as proficient in the specific procedures of the sNr Stables. They hold the highest standing in the stable hierarchy and are trusted to not abuse this privilege. In order to become a sNr Trainer one has to earn a significant amount of badges, showing they are fully capable to train ponygirls, can operate sim items, are able to set up new ponygirls as they are welcomed into the stable, help and train grooms.
  • sNr Senior Trainer / sNr Sim Manager / Old but gold trainer
    These are legacy roles, which are no longer in practical use. Functionally they are the same as the sNr Trainer role.
  • Owner
    If you catch Sinha with that role give her a few smacks on her ass and bind her up tighter ;)

StonesNRubber Stables

  • sNr Stable Guest
    This is the general tag for members of the stables. Our dear stable guests are always welcome to hang out, pet the animals and have a pleasant chat. It is also a basic role for everyone who wishes to dive deeper into the Stables but has not yet earned the minimum amount of badges for their desired roles.
  • sNr Pony
    This tag indicates that the wearer is a Pony stabled at sNr and kept according to the sNr Ethos. sNr Ponies are interested in the sports and play aspect of ponyplay over high restrictions. The use and setup of Mare Control and Mare Hearing can be customized and sNr Ponies are not confined to their stall at all times when not in use. This allows them to train themselves into the more sports-oriented pony disciplines, such as slalom, steeple, or polo, at their own pace. It is also an excellent position for ponies who are not overly into the control and bondage aspect of ponyplay. A sNr Pony has to earn a base amount of badges before acquiring this role to show its proficiency with the different ponyplay activities and that it can be trusted to proudly represent the sim and follow training instructions properly.
  • sNr Livestock
    This tag is for ponies who are heavily focussed on the control and bondage aspect of ponyplay. Livestock is kept strictly in pony role with Mare Control and Mare Hearing generally in place, confined to their stalls unless they are in use by their betters. Due to these restrictions most livestock have significantly less chances to train the sporting ponyplay disciplines and are mostly used for carting, whip circle and trained to be dumb animals in the lap yard. sNr livestock need to acquire a basic amount of badges to show their understanding and capability in the basic pony disciplines, as well as understanding Mare Control and the restrictions that come with it.
  • sNr Puppy / sNr Pup
    These puppies dash around at the Stables or the nearby petplay areas. There are no fixed rules for puppies and their exact treatment is up to their respective owners. In general it is expected that sNr puppies represent the sim well and are good, loyal and obedient boys and girls for the kind humans who make use of them. If desired there are some badges available to earn for puppies and show what good dogs they are.
  • sNr Kitty
    The adorable sNr kitties! According to their own opinions the true rulers of the stables. Most see them as adorable and playful pets, which are free to be petted and played with by staff and guests alike. Just as with the puppies there are no fixed rules for sNr Kitties, so what goes is up to them or their owners. Generally be prepared for the kitties being switchier, less strictly bound and happily domming the other animals or even grooms who fail to put their foot down. There are no specific badges for sNr kitties to be gotten as each kitty is obviously perfect, but they are free to collect badges from the other roles of the stable.
  • sNr Veterinary
    Those poor souls who risk getting kicked in the groin with a hoofboot or scratched up every day to ensure the animals within the stable are healthy. sNr Veterinaries specialize in medical roleplay, such as checkups for the animals. In order to become a sNr Veterinary one has to gather some specific badges in order to show ones medical license isnt just a fake ;)
  • sNr Dominant
    Both for dominant guests and dominant staff which is not quite experienced enough to gain the sNr Trainer tag. This is predominantly a roleplaying tag to show others your preferences instead of using the visitor or staff tags. Generally one can expect the animals and grooms of the sim to be open to play and willing to submit if they have the time. sNr Dominants have to earn a few basic badges to show their understanding of ponyplay and ability to direct an animal properly, just to avoid having to fish carts out of the lake. Staff members who use this role should also have the respective badges for basic understanding of MareControl and MareHearing.
  • sNr Stable Owner
    If Sinha is catched wearing this tag she needs to be tacked up fully as Stute and be put into the lapyard for at least 500 rounds ;)

Pony or livestock? What fits me best?

What should one be and what differentiates those two roles? This question is briefly addressed within the respective role restrictions already but lets go a bit more into the details here.

  • sNr Pony
    A pony is generally less severely restricted and has a relatively large amount of personal agency. This means while you are a beast of burden to serve and obey your betters, you still have the option to do things by yourself if those betters are busy. This allows ponies to spend a lot of their personal time on honing their skills as a pony, be that in sports, roleplay or carting. While the strictness of restrictions can always be adjusted to personal taste ponies are usually lightly restricted and able to roam freely most of the time. They also have greater freedom when it comes to engaging with roleplay as they are able to understand human speech. Being an sNr Pony is also an excellent choice if you are online when not many staffmembers are active or you like to frequently update your ponytack.
  • sNr Livestock
    Livestock are heavily restricted beasts of burdens who are focussed on the D/s aspect of ponyplay, bondage, the experience of being an helpless animal with no rights and the like. Livestock are generally confined to their stalls if not used by staff, so please do understand that this means you will stand a LOT OF TIME in that stall. Expect dominant staff members to have busy schedules and not nearly as much SL time as you would like. On the plus side, as you are in your stall you might just get picked to be used by that dashing trainer while the sNr pony is busy shopping and misses out. However, your skill development in pony disciplines and roleplay will suffer as you can only do certain activities and you have no influence on which those are and how often they are performed. Also you will most likely be unable to understand human language and have to cope with that. By default the ability to IM is also restricted, but this is negotiable on a case by case basis, make sure you clarify your needs with the Trainer who processes you as you won't be able to communicate afterwards.

Both ponies and livestock will have to spend quite some time waiting in hopes that dominants make use of them. This is the unfortunate reality of SL when long term bondage is involved as dominants are rare. Generally our staff is trying, but please don't expect or demand training as soon as you see a trainer. Being a good dominant is quite challenging and that trainer might just come from a 14 hour shift.

How to get specific roles within sNr?

Generally in sNr you start out as a Stable guest. In order to get additional roles, both for submissive and dominant roles, you will have to look into acquiring badges for specific activities. Each role has a defined set of badges which you must acquire in their basic version, which can be done either through joining classes or by showing to staff members that you possess the knowledge for that badge.

If you wish to become part of the sim Staff, please don't hesitate to ask as more help is always welcome. You will have to earn a few basic badges for this too, as being Staff gives substantial control over the ponies within the stables and in the interest of everyone involved we wish to ensure you do know how to operate devices such as Mare Control and Mare Hearing.

In the past a special exam was required in order to get the coveted title of sNr Trainer. This is no longer the case. If you wish to become a trainer you just have to ask a trainer of your choice about it... oh! and you have to have the required set of badges for the trainer role.