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sNr staff are key to the operation of the sim and helping to create the experience for all to enjoy. It is quite difficult for a new member of staff to pick up all the information they need to get started and other staff are not always available to help them. As such, it was decided that a detailed guide would be a very useful resource for the sim to have.

Looking after sNr and its animals has to be a shared task as there are always animals to look after and be trained. One person cannot do everything and it is easy for staff to burn themselves out trying. Aim to wear your staff tag and dedicate yourself to set amount of time on a regular basis to commit to contributing and then remove the tag if you are off duty. If everyone does their small part, we will have a truly vibrant and immersive sim we can all enjoy! Throughout this guide I will refer to ponies, but this distinction is to cover both ponies, mares and stallions and is done for the sake of brevity.

In addition, it is important to note that the menu commands and screenshots are from Firestorm, so they may be different if you are using another viewer.

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